MuscleGod Brendan: JOB OPPORTUNITY!
Opportunity 1
 I am actively seeking a candidate for a JOB OPPORTUNITY who is between 19 and 30 years old, with a twink / skinny build. If you're selected for this opportunity, not only will you have an opportunity to meet me completely free, but you will earn money as well!

I'm looking for guys who want to be dominated and wrestled in a new film that I will be producing. The film will include me wrestling you in a very dominating manner, including: Body Slams, Leg Scissors, Bearhugs, Weightlifting you (Picking you up, tossing you around, etc). Upon completion of the video, you will receive up to $400.00 USD in Cash if I select you  (The payment rate may be slightly lower without showing your face). The filming will take no more than two hours once we have a date and time set. If you would like to wear a mask, that would be acceptable with me as well (as noted above).
If you are in one of my upcoming travel cities (San Francisco Nov 20-26), we can meet in your location during those dates if I am interested in selecting you for the video. Note also if you are near New York City, or in Connecticut, these two areas are  around  my home and we could meet there also potentially.
Opportunity 2
I am also seeking a candidate with a huge and muscular build for a separate opportunity. For this opportunity, i am interested in doing a muscle worship video, similar to the two videos I have done with Joey Jordan. Like the opportunity above, a mask can be worn for appearing in the video if you are uncomfortable showing your face. Payment will be up to $400.00 USD.

Please contact me at if you are interested in this opportunity! In your email, Please include:

* At least two recent photographs of yourself.
* Your age, height, and weight
* Why you want to be featured in my upcoming film (Are you interested primarily because of the money or because you really want to be in the film?)
*What you would find really hot to include in the video.